Grad Night

Senior “Grad Night” Celebration 2017

Sponsored by RHS PTSA

In an effort to keep our seniors safe, RHS PTSA sponsors an all-night drug-and alcohol-free graduation celebration. Your graduate will enjoy a variety of super fun-filled activities, lots of food (no one goes hungry!), and the chance to be with all their friends on one of the most memorable nights of their lives!

Grad Night 2017  will follow the commencement ceremony at 9:30 pm in the RHS parking lot.


GRAD NIGHT VOLUNTEER SIGN UP HERE — We are in DESPERATE need of many volunteers for Grad Night Celebration June 15, 2017.  If you are a Junior, Sophomore or Freshman parent, please consider participating 

Senior Class Graduation Party Agreement 2017

2017 Life Threatening Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan


Questions? Katy Bies and Cheryl Ferry, Grad Night Chairs