Free College Application Workshop Hosted by LWSF



Redmond, WA, October 23, 2017
– The Lake Washington Schools Foundation announced the next step in its “Find Your Fit” workshop series for Lake Washington School District families. The topic? How parents can help their children navigate the college application process. This evening workshop will be led by Mary Pat O’Neil of True Fit College Counseling in Redmond.

Free and open to all parents and guardians of Lake Washington School District high school students, this 90-minute workshop on November 15 will not only help parents understand the steps involved in applying to college, but also how to help their student find the right college fit.

“Society puts an emphasis on attending the ‘best school,’ and if it’s hard to get into, we think it must be the best,” O’Neil said. “But there are other things to consider besides acceptance rates. There are many great colleges that accept more than 50% of the students who apply.”

O’Neil is passionate on this point. She emphasized her conviction that students, not their parents, need to control the college process. And for good reason—she noted that 26% of freshmen don’t return for their sophomore year of college, and many students don’t graduate from college. Her figures indicate that nationally, just 56% of freshmen will graduate within six years. Applying to the right schools gives students a better chance of ending up at a place that will support their needs, teach what they need to know, and propel them into adulthood with passion, direction, and meaning. O’Neill pointed out that it’s also important to take the cost of college into consideration.

“I find that many families don’t understand the cost of college or what merit aid means,” said O’Neil. “Getting into college isn’t the difficult part – it’s finding the money for college that can be hard. I hate to see students take on student loan debt.”

Lake Washington Schools Foundation Executive Director Larry Wright is grateful for O’Neil’s expertise and explained how these workshops support the Foundation’s mission.

“We want to help every Lake Washington School District student find success as an adult, and finding the right fit for post-secondary education is an important step on that path,” said Dr. Wright.

Hosted by the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, this free workshop will take place in the Lake Washington School District’s resource center in downtown Redmond on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 6:30–8:00 PM. Only 100 seats are available; reserve your spot at