Welcome to Advocacy! I’m Beth Sigall and I’m looking forward to serving this year as the Redmond HS PTSA Advocacy Chair.

IMPORTANT DATES: Here are some important dates for the coming school year:

Legislative Assembly, October 21-22, 2016 in Olympia – PTA members from across the state gather at Legislative Assembly to engage, debate and vote on our legislative platform for 2016. We’ll cover topics such as education funding, college readiness, teenage human trafficking and others. Want to see last year’s legislative platform? Click here.

Focus Day, January 16, 2017 in Olympia – At Focus Day PTA members from across Washington rally at the State Capitol to advocate for the issues on our platform. This is a unique opportunity to engage directly with legislators as we promote the well-being and education of every child in our state. We’ll charter a bus and take as many PTA members as we can. It’s a great day – you won’t be disappointed.

STAYING CONNECTED – I want to hear from you! Please email me anytime if you’d like to talk about an issue that’s important to you. We can meet for coffee or speak by phone. Advocacy means speaking up about issues that are important to your community, and I’m ready to help parents at Redmond HS do just that.

Beth Sigall

Advocacy Chair

Redmond HS PTSA